Caution, there may be crying involved.

Module 5: Static vs Dynamic

Mind map

Above is my mind map of static vs dynamic media for distance education. In creating this mind map, I discovered a couple of things. First, most ‘technologies’ can be used for a number of different reasons. For example, technology that lets you communicate can also be used for collaboration. I mean, I knew this, but it was interesting to see it in print so to speak.

As for myself, I find in my teaching, that I use far too much of the static technologies and not near enough of the dynamic. Teaching in a high school, it is hard to create content that is too dynamic or the kids will go crazy with it. It is hard to keep them on task as it is, creating something that provides constant interaction would be insane. However, I do believe I can be more dynamic in my classes. In fact, some of my students have taken it upon themselves to be more dynamic. My AP chemistry class has a Google hangout that they use to collaborate on problem solving – AP chem is all about problem solving. I could do more things like that. I could create a Google hangout for my students maybe once a week or so. That way if they are having trouble with something I can help them out in real time.


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  1. I hadn’t thought before that in the hands of high schoolers, too much dynamic content could lead to unwanted behaviors. I suspect that as more kids are growing up with technology in their homes, this will resolve itself to some extent. There is still a lot of “new toy” in today’s technologies, but when I think about things that were new tech in my high school days (like the calculator), they will become so commonplace that there won’t be much uproar associated with their use. I do love the idea of using Hangout for problem solving.

  2. Florence,
    I too, until recently, was guilty od using mostly the static technologies. However, in recent times I have been using more of the dynamic ones as well. Furthermore, I believe that whether the technology is static or dynamic is dependent on the occasion.

    I guess courses like this introduce additional technologies to us as we proceed and leave us to decide the ones we are comfortable with or will be beneficial to us on our jobs.

  3. I think your blog has encouraged me to utilize Google Hangouts. Thank you.

  4. It seems as teachers all we do is grow, borrow, and share. We each learn from each other and sometimes teachers sell ther knowledge. I know I too move along the static dynamic continuum but sometimes I go backwards.

  5. I noticed the same thing about multiple uses. Video conferences could be used for group projects, lectures, or communication.

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